• Erik's Paris

    Erik's Paris

    Erik Desmazières


Erik's Paris

Artist・ Erik Desmazières (1948-)
Technique・ Etching and aquatint
Length・ 40 minute, 35mm
Language・ French
Subtitles・ English
Date of production・ October 2006
Direction・ Bertrand Renaudineau and Gérard Emmanuel da Silva


This forty minute, black and white film allows viewers to discover the work of the famous Parisian printmaker, through the creation of a print called The René Tazé Atelier, no. VII. This studio in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, where Erik Desmazières has printed the vast majority of his oeuvre, is scheduled for demolition. The artist decided to make a final engraving there, “as if to stop time.”

From the preparatory drawing to the final state, we attend the birth of a work of art: etching and aquatint, up to the final revelation in colour through which the engraver made the genius of a place his own.